Enter the DAO
A 'How to' to enter (join) ElasticDAO
There are two ways to enter and become a member of ElasticDAO.
The first one is to use the ElasticDAO V2 app, the second is to obtain EGT from SushiSwap.
Obtaining EGT from Sushiswap is preferable if you would like to obtain smaller amounts of EGT.
Regardless of how you obtain EGT, obtaining EGT makes you a member of ElasticDAO and allows the holder to participate in the fair governance of ElasticDAO.

To enter ElasticDAO using the app:

Join ElasticDAO using the join module
  • Connect your web3 wallet to the app (if it is not already connected) by clicking on connect account button on the top right-hand side of the page.
Connect your web3 account
  • After connecting your wallet to the app, you must choose your preferred slippage option from the options present.
The presence of the various slippage options is because the joins occur on a bonding curve, as a result of which after every successful join transaction, the ETH required to mint maxLambdaPurchase amount of tokens increases.
Depending on the volatility of the DAO and gas fluctuations, it might not be possible to obtain the exact EGT for its quoted ETH amount.
Hence the slippage options are present to account for this variability. (More information regarding the bonding curve dynamics and tokenomics can be found at Elastic Governance Token page or at the ElasticSimulator)
Choose a slippage option
  • After selecting a suitable slippage option, click on the Join button in the bottom right corner, which will then ask you to sign the transaction. After the completion, you should have received your EGT in your wallet, making you a member of ElasticDAO!

To enter ElasticDAO using Sushiswap:

  • Click on the Sushiswap pool link present at the bottom of the Join page
There are other places in the app where the link to Sushiswap is presented. The process is the same regardless of where the link is clicked.
  • Connect your web3 wallet with the Sushiswap app, then choose EGT as the token you'd like to obtain
  • Enter the amount of EGT you'd like to obtain
  • Click the Swap button, after which you will be prompted to confirm the swap.
  • Click on the Confirm swap button once you are ready. After the completion of which, you shall now have obtained EGT, making you a member of ElasticDAO!
  • Sushiswap will show you various information regarding the swap, the details of which can be seen by hovering over their respective tooltips.
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