What is ElasticDAO?

ElasticDAO it's a governance protocol focused on bringing fairness in the decentralized ecosystem.

Who is the target audience of ElasticDAO?

There are two main target audiences for ElasticDAO:
Governance Participants - ElasticDAO is created to help teams govern their projects fairly by expanding the concept of fair launching to the whole lifecycle of a protocol. The mechanism is created for people who want to contribute to the future of the DAO and grow in alignment with the community. Regardless, the number of tokens a participant has, the DAO rewards people who participate in the governance based on their voting power.
DAO Contributors and builders- ElasticDAO's mechanism is ideal for teams who want to create community-owned products and provide equal opportunities to each participant. People who provide effort, such as the core team or the contributors, get rewarded by the community through a voting process. After that, the individuals can burn their tokens and get the underlying value in ETH or grow their value inside the DAO. As an open project, every individual is able to propose and start working on a subproject if it serves the community's opinion.
The protocol's target audience is individuals who want to contribute to fair governance and create unique products.

Can you explain ElasticDAO in simple words?

ElasticDAO aims to reduce the influence that money has on the current DAO models. The protocol provides a level play landscape balancing the competing interests of different stakeholders. Even if you join the DAO with a small number of tokens and are active, your participation will be rewarded each time until you reach the maximum voting power. Core team, whales, small contributors, all eventually have an equal say in the future plans of the DAO.
Also, every time that someone joins the DAO directly by minting, all members wind up with more tokens via rebasing.
ElasticDAO uses its treasury to support the development of the DAO platform.

How do I buy EGT?

Who is working on ElasticDAO?

ElasticDAO is built as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Community members, contributors, and the core team work together to achieve the further decentralization of the DAO.
The DAO is open to everyone who wants to contribute and provide expertise on a topic with the main incentive to achieve fair decentralization.

Does ElasticDAO have investors?

ElasticDAO is 100% bootstrapped and will be community-owned from day1.

How does ElasticDAO prevent Sybil attacks?

Even though it is not impossible for someone to make multiple accounts, ElasticDAO's join curve makes sybil attacks very expensive. When people join, they cannot purchase more than the DAO configured maximum number of tokens. The more addresses join the DAO, the more expensive it becomes. The net effect of a sybil attack would be enrichment of the existing DAO members. In an extreme case, those members could just leave and found a new DAO with the attacker's money.
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