Since the gas price is breaking all-time high, making online governance almost impossible, and v2 layer solutions are not available, ElasticDAO's first steps will be to ensure an off-chain solution and Snapshot integration.
Once the product launch, the participants will vote regarding the current short-term roadmap. If >60 percent of the participants agree with the next steps, the team will start developing the following steps.

Phase 1. Snapshot Integration

Status: Completed
Summary: Use snapshot for gasless off-chain voting using IPFS

Phase 2. NSD domain registration and multisig UI to enable the ability for others to create elastic DAO's.

Status: Enable everyone else to create an elastic DAO on the platform. This step is mostly completed, but we need to implement multisig UI and some other small bits.
Summary: Deploying Elastic DAOs is one of the main profit drivers for the DAO itself. There will be a fee for creating a new elastic DAO. The fee funds will be added to the treasury.
Key steps: Domain registration work, multisig work.

Phase 3. Custom Vote Modules on Layer2

Status: We have completed the majority of the work for custom voting modules allowing for even greater flexibility in handling members for their activities. However, we replaced it with Snapshot voting due to gas costs until we explore Layer2 possibilities.
Summary: During phase 3, we will explore Layer 2 options to re-enable these modules.
Key Steps: Mature Layer2 Option Discovery, Development
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